love vs fear


An interactive installation at the Galway Arts Centre which invites you to take a black and white journey through different types of thinking.


You begin by walking into a black room with white messages scrawled across the walls. This is fear and negativity. Things like security, lack of time and worry are some of the most common situations that can hold us back from living our preferred life.


Move past this room and the word ‘Love’ can clearly be seen. It is painted over the gallery walls and a variety of 3D sculptural elements. This uses perspective typography to show the obstacles we all face in life while trying to achieve contentment.


“Moving towards what we want can seem impossible, but I wanted to show that we all have choice in life. And the moment you realise you are your own problem, you can become your own solution.”


Love vs Fear is a universal experience and an invitation to take action.


You step into a third room full of light and positivity. The final room is a space to think clearly and an invitation to create a vision for the future that you actually want. Look back and Fear is still visible, but it’s no longer all encompassing.


“Making mistakes is a part of life and it’s important to give yourself time to play and fail. Don’t be held back by fear, do what you love.”

Finbar McHugh