Finbar McHugh received a BA in Visual Communications from Limerick School of Art and Design. College helped him to understand how to share his thoughts and ideas through critical thinking, to understand how the viewer/audience would perceive the message. He learned how to express his ideas through painting, photography, typography and design, breaking down a message so that people would be able to see the truth.

Finbar initially started off painting graffiti because he was attracted to the freedom it allowed him to express with. There were no rules. He could paint anything and anywhere. By becoming part of Ireland’s graffiti scene he found community and friendship that has lasted all his life.

He has exhibited in group shows and ran pop-up galleries with other artists and friends, learning about curation, gallery management and the world of fine art. He travelled extensively in Europe spending time in France and Berlin observing life and people around him. All of his experiences helped him to open up and recognise that inside we are all the same and how we can learn through the many different experiences that life has to offer. This adventure lead to his own self-acceptance and the beginning of his understanding of his path in life.


You are the creator of your own life…


With the support from LEO, the Local Enterprise Office in Galway, Finbar established himself as an artist with a vision to transform public space into a place where people can learn to reflect and become more mindful of themselves and those around them.

Finbar believes that people can unlock their true nature when they place more value on what they want in life rather than on limiting beliefs. He believes that by being present and open, we can learn more about ourselves and our place in the universe.